Packaged analysis and reporting for an integrated view of performance
Cognos Analytic Applications offer self-service to help business users quickly create reports, add new content and reconfigure reports, reducing the demands on IT personnel.


Cognos Sales Analytics provides packaged reporting and analysis to measure sales pipeline, sales force productivity, sales segmentation, fulfilment and customer retention.

  • Integrated view of sales performance
    Current and historical performance by product, customer or sales channel.


  • Prioritise opportunities
    Quickly identify opportunities and accelerate your sales cycle.


  • Drive your salesforce
    Streamline sales activities with the forecasting integration.
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Analytic reporting for measuring financial performance against strategic plans.

Financial Performance Analytics provides packaged reporting and analysis of the general ledger, sales and purchase ledgers.

This solution helps finance monitor performance across income statements, balance sheet movements, and assessing revenue and margin variances. Evaluate how the organization is controlling cash flow and improving month end processing.

  • Analyse and report on key financial ratios
    Provide finance and department professionals with ledger reporting and analysis.
  • Improve performance and reduce the cost of financial processes
    Support a faster close process and generate standard reports to validate financial data.
  • Change as quickly as your business does
    Streamline the configuration of reports, and add new content quickly to meet changing business requirements.
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Workforce Performance is an analytic application that provides insight into human resource issues and opportunities. The solution provides access to multiple data sources for consistent analysis and reporting. It helps you scrutinise factors including personnel retention, hiring, training, development, performance and compensation.

  • Integrated workforce management
    Monitor and manage your starters and leavers, development and performance evaluation surverys. Information can be combined to show the cause and effect of staff decisions.
  • Generate standard reports
    Reporting can be scheduled automatically to supervisors and management, or users can access a common set of data which can pull from various disparate systems, including Excel.
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Retail analysis is imperative today to stay competitive. Actually visualising your company processes using target driven performance monitoring and providing account management with the vital information they need to support your clients.

We specialise in reporting from loyalty card systems providing basket analysis and shopping behaviour.

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The key insights we can provide are strategic such as;

  • Recency

No visit for some time – offer incentive

  • Frequency

Shopping frequently – offer reward

  • Value

Exceeds average spend, so provide special treatment

  • Channel

Only web or shop or multichannel customer – offers to visit the web or shop

  • Category

Only buys single product categories - special offers on other categories

  • Customer Experience

Questionnaires and surveys

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Whether it’s online gaming or fixed terminals you are managing, we have long term experience in this sector.
Analysing Stakes, Wins, and Gross Returns, across geographies and customer shop performance.

Building analysis to conform to the Association of British Bookmakers (ABB) Code for Responsible Gambling, investigating if the mandatory time and money based reminders have been used.


Contact us today to discuss how you can achive better revenue generation through Gaming Analysis, and also comply with the ABB code of conduct.


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